here you can read what we did so far. just write an e-mail if you’d like to order something. some of the older crap is now sold out but if you are so very lovely we could copy one for you with an extra non-original packaging.
we like to trade. we like to hear about your stuff. and when you do not have anything to trade or whatever, you are still invited to write us. we can talk about not just this whole music/…things. you know that.

sorry that there are still no mp3’s on the page.
it all will come. so plese visit the homepages of the bands for music, …

SE15: ABUELO HONGO – ‘scientific attitude’ 40min-tape

abuelo hongo tape
are two lovely people from the u.s.’ westcoast. triana and andrew solely use acoustic instruments to craete their fascinatingly free improv. energy noise spiced with some tiny melodies and sudden vocals/ voices… we get to know them through the internet and loved them imediately. this is what they call their influences: Sun, Moon, Mountains, Deserts, Lakes, Washes, Big Trees, Big Rocks, Fat Kittys, Fungi, and everything that is in everything that is in everything that is in everything that is in us all…. and of course being VEGAN!!!!!
we’re excited about that. you can have a look on the heresee recs. webpage. this is where they already released two albums.
artwork is done by triana.
3,- euros

SE14: DEAD SEAGHOUL -werewolf territory 3″ cd-r
dead seaghoul - werewolf territory 3

oscillator farts. WOW! hand-drawn covers. WOW!
3 euros


Datashock is the German Grusel Folk collective seized in a free psych droneband. The line-up depends on who’s available to record/perform and everytime open for new members or collaboration. The compositions are totally free form psychedelic improvisations.
After releases on cdr and cassette – that show an evolution from noise, drones to psych – they have found a sound somewhere between Tangerine Dream and Sunburned .You can call it crap we call it “psycheledic post-grusel-krautfolk”
Lp on the Qbico Records and Textile in the future
We collaboratet till now with Family Battle Snake, Nadja and Shivers.
Members are also in Shivers , Aosuke and doing the labels Meudiademorte and Tape Tektoniks.

is sisto. the one half of noise improv.-duo ciao! bird.
he creates subtle improvised drones and spaces while playing his selfbuilt electronics and circuit bent toys/ instruments like a b-movie protagonist. the range of how he’s creating sounds is huge according to his steadily growing amount of instruments and sound-scources. – strictly analogue.
in the past years he has released some of his music under the names: M OT EMMOK , NINJADEATHBREATH and with the band CIAO! BIRD. his newest releases are a split-tape with ALTAR OF FLIES(swe) (on ERODE RELEASES) and this one here with DATASHOCK.
his surname is Rossi.
two arms
two legs.
5 euros

SE12: zine “flupb #3”
flupb #3 zine

finally there is a number three.
again filled with a lot of sketches and drawings – but since flupb #2 came out a long time ago, these new drawings are a bit different. they grew, they expanded, they developed, they flupbed but they tend to speak just like the old ones.
again – simply collected from under my desk and photocopied. coming with a small 6x8cm photo of a mini-desk “installation”
yellow/black cover
24 pages b/w
1,50 euros

SE11: tape CIAO! BIRD “the clouds are pissed”
ciao! bird 'the clouds are pissed' tape

a 30 minutes tape released together with stenze quo musik(thank you johann). the songs are a garbage can full of sounds as usual. dirt and sun. wind and rumble. the clouds are pissed. the covers are silkscreened. the tapes are pissed. it is lovely. the birds are all so very amused. the recordings are from october 2006 – but theyare good. yes.
3,00 euros

SE–: full-color liporello-zine

this is a very small (4cmx7cm, closed) liporello-zine. sketches, collages, letters. we made this just to get some money in for the next releases. but don’t get us wrong. it is beautiful. i hope we’ll manage to upload some photos/pictures of all this releases soon.
3,50 euros

SE10: tape CIAO! BIRD “noise is everywhere”


it’s 70 minutes. woouw! again, we did somethings a bit different. this time we used some voice again, and just the things that lay on sistos’ floor. but somethings are in a good old ciao! bird manner. dumb squieechies, doomed gwarbels, dozen of spaces. this tape is more silly than the ‘performing friendship’-tape. and that’s cool.
coming with a package full of suprises.
3,00 euros

SE09: tape “m ot emmok – life”
3,00 euros

SE08: tape “CIAO! BIRD performing friendship”

after a long time this is a new ciao! bird release. it was the time for that. our sound has changed a lot. there are no clear beats anymore and all we use is homemade oscillators etc, seidenpfotes and circuit bended keyeboards, radios and toys. yeah it’s still vital. maybe even more. it’s glitchy and fummy, torpedo and bad rainfall. mountains and gigantic sky. sunshine and poo. it’s noize – still a bit minimalistic but full of suprises… diverse in its sounds. blah. we improvise.
the package is made of thik paper that we found on the streets. it has lovely little coloured spots. it’s probaply recycled toiletpaper. it smells like a butterfly.
45 minutes
4 songs
3 euros

SE07: cdr “meine mondfahrt – a small collection”

some new songs. more noise. more instruments such as organ, guitar, glockenspiel, dictaphone, …! still the lyrics are personal and sometimes sad. still dirty but with more love for the details. some songs are only soundsscapy salad, some songs are beatstreets with sinalongs. recorded during summer 2005 and summer 2006. but most of them are from the 2005 summer. the cover is paper glued onto paper. it’s a bit chik as a contrast to the shabby music. i did not show it to my parents.
15 tracks
2,00 euros

SE06: cdr “Ha-Do-Ken / CIAO! BIRD – split cd”

yip. this is a split with the crazy hc-duo h-d-k from oberhausen. björn and alex play very unconventional, quasi-experimental hardcore. björns’ drumplay is jazzy and straight, sensitive and hauruck. yea, alex is weird. he’s doin da gitarz and da voxallz. pissed vocllz!!! it is intensive music. rotzblitz!! these dudies run the superoutputlabel.
the ciao! bird songs are some hip-hop-like lo-fi trash-hits with lyrics straight out of our lives that deal with doing our own soymilk, speaking to each other, moving away, wearing trousers, driving in cars, shoplifting without magic and so on. for this recordings we used some of sistos’ circuit bent toys for the first time. squeechy, dirty, just like the little dog poo that is waiting behind the corner.
spraypainted cover
6 trackks by each band
1,50 euros

SE05: tape ” megaghost – drum’n’noise”

1,50 euros

SE04: cdr “meine mondfahrt – s/t”


very very lo-fi singer-songer trash from peter. an acoustic guitar a little flute and some pesonal
lyrics. the recordings are poor!!! – and that’s the good thing about this cd!!! and the packaging: there’s a b/w photo on the frontcover which i took myself. and i entwickelte it myself aswell. it comes with a little dinA7 booklet.
13 “songs”
1,50 euros

SE03: zine “flupb#2”

more sketches from peter. this time coming with some “poems”/ words. collected. more pages than flupb#1. still trashy and diverse.
dinA6 in b/w
-,50 euros

SE02: cdr ” CIAO! BIRD – sound einz”

ciao! bird is our (sisto and peter) own “band”..these recordings are pure nonsense. it is
all badly programmed drums with improvised acoustic guitar, keyboards and everything
we could find on the floor. it were two days and we made 14 “songs” dealing with
hedwigs’ matress, frank rennicke, partysalad, our friendship, ghosts, and some other
nonsense. it was a lot of fun. comme toujours… it’s gangstarr rap. it’s ugly hippo noise.
it’s the vulcano spitting. the packaging is so dirty as the content is. each one different and hell yea -it was great to make all these packagings while matthias made pizza for us.
-,50 euros

SE01: zine – “flupb#1 – zeichnungen”

these are poor and personal drawings peter did during a trip along the french rough
atlantic ocean. dealing with watching kites, digging in the sand and & and. some is
simple some is deep some is cheap.
dinA6 in b/w
-,50 euros

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