this is what we are planing to do in the near future. … … and if you’ve got a dumb band aswell or something – you can let us know and perhaps we put it out on tape or paper or …
this is coming soon:

SE16: tape “bonedust
bonedust is an exciting band from providence,RI (usa). this is what they wrote:
‘BoneDust are the storytellers of an ancient disenchanted love story that is the true origin of human suffering. A plague that was spawned by the betrayal and misery between two immortal entities. The sounds of God and Death conspiring to tell this story. 2 women, giant stacks, giant drums, guitar, snakes, thunder, celestial arsenal.’
the two women are also involved in the dirt palace. you should have a look at it. more infos coming….
it’ll be a tape.

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