January 11, 2007


28.december 2007
hallo everybody.
some time has passed and that is wonderful.
finally we managed to finish the ABUELO HONGO – tape. it really took a lot of time but here it is:
abuelo hongo tape
40 minutes of ultra-vital improvised acoustic music. it’s great fun and more than that… as usual, you can order it via e-mail.
some more news:
-solo-noise tortoiseVAMPIRE SQUID will be on tour during febuary and march 2008. so please get in touch if you’d like to help us out. you can have a look at the dates on the ‘live’-page. VAMPIRE SQUID (a.k.a. dead seagull) has now realeased a cd-r on STENZE QUO MUZIEK and loves to play in kitchens, garages, gardens and places like that. you may know that.
-the new year will start with a lovely live show at the AZ-muelheim with DUCKTAILS(usa), BUFFLE(belgium), IN THE EYE OF VISION(belgium) and one more band.
you should really come and enjoy this wonderful music. we’ll have vegan cake , warm tea and the new ABUELO HONGO-tape on a table. for details look at the ‘live’-page again. hihi.
-three weeks ago, sisto offered a circuit bending workshop in muelheim
circuit-bending workshop AZ-mh
and will do this again next year. we’ll let you know about the date as soon as we have fixed it.
-you must not miss the january-BEANDER BENDER session in dortmund, since CIAO! BIRD will play again. this time together with STEFAN LAKATOS and JIM CAMPBELL.
bla bla. alles doppelt gemoppelt. also:
i am tired now. i’ll go and search my bed.
sorry for our news being so little in the last time.
best wishes. really.

25.august 2007

hallo everyone,
what to write? just seemed to let you know about some things again.
we have a new dead seagull – release out now. the ‘DEAD SEAGHOUL werewolf territory’ 3″cd-r. this time it’s heavy farting and bumping oscillators. it comes with a hand-drawn cover. but only 25 were made and some are already gone.
we are back from our one week trip with CIAO! BIRD it was a wonderfull time. we met friendly people – thanks a lot to these – and played fun shows. it was a new and great expereience… ohne johann wär alles nur die ganze hälfte! next month, on september 27th we play a very interesting collaboration-show in dortmund with jim campbell. have a look at the ‘live’-section for details. jim is super and we’re looking forward to that. hey, people from around!: you must not miss that.
the next sound einz release to come is the ABUELO HONGO tape. it’s a real shame that it takes so long to do this tape. the world needs it. really. but even though it is the next one to come, it may still last a bit. sorry – but yeah!

ja. please have a look at the ‘live’-page to see what’s going on in the next time. and if you want to listen to what i love, click here

all the best

03. august 2007

some news:
finally the DATASHOCK / DEAD SEAGULL 2x 3″ cd-r is out. just in time for the DATASHOCK / CONES / MARCEL TÜRKOWSKY “geräusche” tour (see details on ‘live’) we are happy with that release. maybe it can make you happy aswell. as usual, just write a mail in case you’d like to have one
datashock / dead seagull  2x 3"cd-r

CIAO! BIRD play some shows in the next time.

tomorrow (04.august) NO MAN BAND and PETER will fill the kunstraum mülheim with sounds and things.

more news to come
i go to bed now


hello everyone
some small great news: not only the ciao! bird tape is out. this week the third FLUPB zine came out aswell… filled with a lot of drawings that invite you to come out with your shit. drawings between punching your bed and spraypainting your legs. all drawings are from peter… collected from under the papermountains on his desk.

yeah sisto started to sell his selfmade instruments and circuit bent stuff. just have a look on his SYNTHSTRUMENTS page to find some sounds that may miss you 🙂 we hope to fill the circuit bending section on our page soon to let you know more about that.

finnally we managed to upload some photos of our releases and some extra pictures from our microcosm in a new photo/picture-section. so you can get a more detailed impression of what our papertrees, breakfastbikes and rubbishsounds may look like.
some mp3’s are still missing. the world is huge.
IMG_2870we youse drums.
best wishes.

yeahs the CIAO! BIRD tape is out.
ciao! bird 'the clouds are pissed' tape
we made this tape together with stenze quo musik in an edition of 75. with screenprinted covers outside and doodelige sounds inside. the release show together with fyoelk at the KMH was wonderfull. it was great fun. we had hot tea, charming live-sets and yes, there were a few interested people sitting on the floor.
now you can write a mail or something and ask for the tape. we like to trade aswell. it’s 3 euros.

there are some concerts in the next time.

real feel!!!”

30.april 2007
yes. we are happy to let you know that our CIAO! BIRD-TAPE “THE CLOUDS ARE PISSED” will finnally be out on may 10th. we’ll celebrate it with a lovely show @ the Kunstraum Mülheim. but there’s also another reason for celebration: FYOELK will also intoduce his new tape “TRAMPOLIN” (on erode-releases) to the interested folks on this evening. and really: you must not miss fyoelk. it would be a real pitty. he’s great!!!

yaeh. it won’t take really much longer until the ABUELO HONGO tape is out. be suprised. we are suprised.

we decided to do the DATASHOCK / DEAD SEAGULL split as a double 3″cdr. this may take some time, but not too long anymore. just to let you know. just to tell you something. just to say we’re not sleeping.

live is this:
DEAD SEAGULL is playing two shows together with THE WHITE MICE in saarlouis and in münster. CIAO! BIRD are playing two shows in mülheim and düsseldorf. THE WHITE MICE are playing in mülheim. but better have a look on the live-page.

so far…
best wishes.

26.mar. 2007
heallo everyone. there are some lovely things happening the next time. some concert, some showing movies, some exhibition crap!! some sunshine, some rain. so please check our “live”-page for dates.
this is werbung
more exciting news will follow soon.

05th mar. 2007
wow!!! and one more crazy show in amsterdam with CIAO! BIRD(09. mar.). it’ll be a three-hours-jam with a lot of other acoustic artists from western europe. each one playing for 10 to 15 minutes, together, solo, bla, what ever may happen.
it’s organized by the people behind the n-collective. check out this link. we are excited. it is all johanns schuld. danke.
what else?: yes, today we had a nice breakfast and the weather was fine. but when it started raining so very uexpectedly sisto took the bumblebee into the kitchen. she was so weak. the rain was too heavy to let her sit outside. sisto gave her some chocolate-soymilk and some bread. she was very happy about that. i don’t know what happened to this cute bumblebee, since i had to go and buy the train tickets for our amsterdam-trip.
now it’s already dark outside and i’ll cock a dinner now. i am hungry.
but one thing i must tell you: we have a podcast-thing now. some radiolike wunderfull space to tell stories in sounds and show you sounds like mountains. it’s all what may come. one stream is already uploaded and you can enjoy music from bengeorge7, can’t, houses in texas, ciao! bird, towel, and more.sisto recorded this first stream and it is trashy and nice and ugly and dark and bright and calm and loud and god and good just go to www.soundeinz.podomatic.com
there are no more news on our upcoming releases. we have nice ideas but we keep them as secrets. you know.
there’s wind in the sky. it makes the clouds travel.
amsterdam is waiting for us.
take care. that is most important! really: take care of yourselves.

27th feb. 2007

some things are fine:
we (ciao! bird) play two shows next time.one crazy thing is in amsterdam on mar.10th!! this will be something really amazing. please checkr the ‘live’ link to get more infos on the absurd bands we play with and the location it’ll take place.
the other show is in the small record shop ‘le petit mignon‘ in berlin on march 24th. guillaume is moving with his shop. so this will be the last concert in there.
it won’t take really much longer for the datashock/dead seagull split and the abuelo hongo tapes to be ready. this is cool. they’ll be nice.
now i go out to get some cake.
more coming soon. wup.

febuary 06th:

there will be a lovely concert on febuary 25th(sunday) at the AZ Muelheim:
it’ll be ‘the buddies’ and ‘peacemaker’. yaehr. two silly musical projects from western massachusets,usa.
mr. ‘peacemaker’ is only one person who’s also drawing a lot of nice things and running the tiny ‘breaking world records’-label (please visit: www.breakingworldrecords.com … there are some amazing mp3s and some links about the man behind it all).
‘the buddies’ are two people who are also involved in the friendly ‘fat worm of error’ band. they do guitar-old-school-noise-stuff. sounds dumb this term, right?…
actually we don’t know how these bands will sound since we never heard some “songs” of them… but we know some of the other projects these people do and we learned loving them. just check out the breaking world page to learn something about the man doing ‘peacemaker’ and maybe visit the www.suchfun.net page or the yeay cassettes page to see what ‘the buddies’ may be about.
it will be something really nice this evening. we love to invite you all to come to:

AZ Muelheim
D-45468 Muelheim a.d.R
start: 19:00

it’ll take place in the Kneipe. you know.

january 29th:
our ‘ciao! bird tape’ ‘noise is everywhere’ is out now. we packeged the tapes in small bags where we put everything in that we found and collected. puzzle pieces, magnifier, wires, spraycaps, lego, drawings, things, things, things. the tapes are yellow, grey, red, blue and white. we are happy whith this release. the sounds are silly as never before and we had a lot of fun packing the tapes. they cost two euros. please contact us in case you’d like to trade or buy one or two or three of these.
yeah. we’re excited to show you some things on tape from two lovely people doing the band ‘abuelo hongo‘ soon. they are from the windy westcoast in the united states of amerrrica. there where the pacific is rough and the clouds are rare but fast. there where acoustic instruments seem to catch some of the leaves that travel from the trees to the muddy ground. ahh. we are happy. just check the link. maybe you also have a look on the heresee page. they released two cds there. more infos about that may come.
the ciao! bird show on saturday was great. we played under the stage and about six crusty punx were listening. this time we were harsh and loud. it was good. it was a big crust punk festival. we had not very good expectations and the crowd was drunk as hell. we played together with the superfriendly and loud sludge/doom/blah-band “dioxine skyline”. they played two slow and long songs. it felt good in the stomach. yeh. crazy punks. more crazy punks. sick of drunk punk.
the weather is bad. that is not so bad. but there are some things that make us feel bad at the moment.
this will change again.
some things are good.
best wishes. peter& sisto

january 11th:
we’re online. – finally.

after about two years we have some words about sound einz in the wurl wid wep!!! just to let you know about what the two dirty gangsters from muelheim-an-der-ruhr do with their amazingly lot of time. yeah! in the past time we released a few tapes, cdr’s and zines mainly with our own music, art, and what ever. it was time to let you know. this page will hopefully grow as we keep on doing all this stuff nobody seems to be interested in.
there’s not a lot information on this page yet, but since we are always supermega fast in doing things like that, you should visit this page tommorrow and there’ll be a lot more to read. sure!
we’re excited about what this page will give.

yeas. go outside!
🙂 sisto & peter